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Detailed description

Heat pumps Water Heater is a revolutionary way to heat domestic hot water. By converting the heat from surrounding air to hot water in your water tank, they are usually three times more efficient than electric resistance water heaters--meaning that they can produce the same amount of hot water for one-third the amount of electricity. 

For years SIRAC is listed as top heat pump water heater brand in China market, and we offer a large variety of HPWH sizes from 3KW to 87KW.

Key Benefits

fast hot water recovery at temperatures up to 60°C
uses up to 70% less household energy, freeing up power for other appliances and costing you less
quiet operation, with no unsightly solar collectors on the roof
compact and easy to install plug in system – operates with standard high pressure or low pressure geysers or storage cylinders
can be retro-fitted to existing geysers and boilers
can be used in conjunction with solar heaters
fully automatic control with adjustable water temperature setting
environmentally responsible – extremely energy efficient, with no Greenhouse Gas emissions

1. Powder coated steel plate
2. LCD display control panel
3. Automatic unit on/off timer clock
4. Insufficient water flow protection
5. High/Low pressure protection
6. Automatic reversing defrosting function enables units to work reliably in chilling climate.
7. Suitable for water heating from small families to huge commercial applictions such as hotel, hospital, college,factory,washingroom,sauna center etc.

Model No.                    LSQ03R   
Standard Outlet Temperature:             55°C
Maximum Outlet Temperature:            60°C
Min/Max working Ambient Temperature:        -15°C/35°C
Heating Capacity:                               10.6KW
Power Input:                                2.8KW
Power connection:                220V/1Ph/50Hz
Rated Running Current:                13.5A
Type/ Brand of compressors:            Scroll
No. of Compressor:                One
No. of Fan Motor:                One
Speeds of Fan Motor:                Two
Gas Flow Restriction:                Alco Thermal Expansion Valve
Type of Condenser:                Tube in tube
Refrigerant:                    R417A
Quantity of refrigerant:            2.8Kg
Connection for inlet and outlet (inch):        1”
Water Output(liters/h):                    245
Air Discharge Direction:            Vertical
Dimension:                    750mm (L) x 690mm (W)x 845 (H)
Net weight:                    125kg

Note:Heating capacity above rated on: air temperature 20℃, water heated from 15℃ to 55℃